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Delivering Rita's Triplets!

***URGENT - 31/08/2010***

I have just received news that the address for Veterinary Vouchers has changed, to anyone kind enough to be considering donating, please can you note the revised address:

Veterinary Vouchers Charitable Trust Fund,
149 Hyde Road
M34 3DW


Hello! My name is Hayley and I’m currently seeking assistance with funding in order to complete vet school and become a vet. I am currently a 4th year vet student at Edinburgh: less than 2 years away from qualifying as a vet.

I have spent almost all of my life around animals and always been dedicated to their care and welfare. As well as having a number of furry family pets, I started horse riding at a young age and since had a large involvement in the horse world and riding in competitions. At the age of 19 I went to the USA to work on a summer camp and taught horse riding to children from the ages of 8-16. I have enjoyed all of my volunteered veterinary work so far and have worked within a wide range of areas including small animals, equine, farm work and zoo.

Whilst doing non-vet related things, I enjoy music (especially playing the guitar), snow boarding, rock climbing and hockey. I have also recently become a volunteer helper at Brownies, at my local church in Edinburgh.

I have received huge amounts of support from friends, family, employers and vets in choosing this career path and with your generosity I hope I can still achieve my goal in becoming a vet.

I have recently received the prestigious Intervet / Schering-Plough Animal Health's Connect Bursary award for my summer research project - for more information on this see my blog - or read the recently published Connect Bursary Supplement newsletter.